19 AGOSTO 2011: Space Weather Forecasts in STEREO

Da oggi inizierò il report di tutti i video settimanali della NASA, aggiungendo settimanalmente i nuovi video con relative descrizioni e link.  

New processing techniques used on data gathered by NASA's STEREO spacecraft will allow scientists to better track solar storms before they impact Earth. The storms called Coronal Mass Ejections, or CMEs are observed from NASA's twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, spacecraft launched in 2006. The data can now reveal a clear and detailed look at a storm's front from the sun all the way to Earth, thus reducing uncertainty of its arrival time. Plus, Curiosity's arm; NASA in NY; Stennis visitors; SF summit; Shuttle program celebrated; environmental stewardship; and, Apollo 13 astro honored. Also, birds of a feather; "Box" rocks Cleveland. 

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